Worthy: Discover Who You Really Are.

Empowered Word Tiles.031I saw a little girl on the news crying at one of the protests, asking why everyone hates her, it tore my heart in two. I still tear up remembering a childhood feeling her pain for so many years unable to understand why.

I’ll be honest, I’ve had quite a bit of hate thrown at me by the white AND the black community growing up. As I have done my inner work to heal, the best wisdom imparted to me was from Amankeda Triplejewel, an urban medicine woman/Shaman and my spiritual teacher. Amankeda once asked me, “who ARE you”? My first response was “I’m creative, a friend, a filmmaker…” blah, blah, blah.Amankeda Head Shot

Amankeda explained to me we aren’t the roles that society has placed upon us or that we have chosen or the “sexism, racism, fill the blank ‘isms’. We are expressions of an energy way beyond the human experience, within us is the potential to rise above any limitations man has created – we’ve seen it all thru history and watching history being rewritten right now.


Mom with Clio

My parents instilled the need for self confidence in a world where I would be looked on by some as nothing – Shirley Riley Davis, First Black female to win a Clio Award (she won three)

Anyone who has ever met me knows how much I admired, love and adored my mom. I unfortunately lost her eight years ago but her influence and determination stays with me always. She accomplished so much in the 60’s at a time with odds completely against her. She passed down the same values my grandparents gave her. I was never told I couldn’t pursue my dreams, they were as my Godfather Pat puts it “the family business”.

We are not our environment, the roles we live with, our age, our weight or the color of our skin. As the Black Live Matters movement grows and more people are truly understanding the scope of how we live as blacks in America, I am encouraging black women and ALL women to understand and embrace our worth. 

meghan-markle-tIt’s not enough to just survive something, that’s not what life is about you have to thrive. – Megan Markle (speaking about her experience living with the royal family).

Photo May 12, 6 08 56 PM“When I walk into a room, I bring my African Heritage, Womanist, Same Gender Lovingness and Veteran status. I represent ALL of these communities and I refuse to sacrifice any aspect of my personhood to make someone else comfortable with prejudice ideologies.” – Senator Pat Spearman, Nevada



Growing up during the unrest of ’68, living here in LA during the riots of ’92 and now living in the change of 2020, I am sincerely hopeful that change is finally happening and becoming the new world for good.

Honor yourself.


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