Self-Care: Stop Apologizing!

As the strangeness of 2020 roars on, I’ve become increasingly aware of my girlfriends apologizing and/or explaining themselves for self-care. Please note all the women who do this are some of the most generous, loving and nurturing women I know. 

What is it about our culture that prevents women from acknowledging ourselves even as we give so much to others? We’re horrified when a friend isn’t being good to themselves but at the same time we haven’t taken a break, treated ourselves, took time off or reached out for help.

Life Coach Andrea Quinn, of holds workshops for women to encourage the importance of receiving as part of our everyday lives. So many of us live our lives with guilt or shame about receiving without realizing it. Andrea’s platform is 100% about self-care, we’re diminished without it. Andrea is holding her October 2020 Woman’s Accomplishment Workshop digitally, so you can attend from anywhere in the world. 

I don’t need to write the laundry list of reasons we all need to take good care of our mind, body and soul, especially in 2020. We can only give from what we have within and if we keep operating from a depleted source we get sick. You’re a goddess, we’re all goddesses/superheroes in our individual way, accept your blessings and gifts with a big thank you! Reach out if you need to, take 5 minutes, hours or days to recharge – whatever life affords you. Do something for YOU and accept the light and love that comes with it.

Be well. Be Safe. ❤️

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