Repost: 6 body image issues I don’t want my daughter to inherit from her beauty queen grandmother

Please check out this heartfelt post written by my friend Rosemond Cranner for

My mother let being a beauty queen rule her life and mine – and I don’t want my daughter to grow up with those body image issues.

Source: 6 body image issues I don’t want my daughter to inherit from her beauty queen grandmother

“The worst insult you could sling at someone was calling her “fat,” which she often did. My mother routinely labeled women as “that fat neighbor” or “your fat friend.” It didn’t matter if you were working as a doctor, saving the world or rescuing people from burning buildings. If you didn’t have a trim waistline, you were nothing.”

– Rosemond Cranner

Wellness Repost: 23 Truths About Breast Cancer That Survivors Want You to Know

When my mother was diagnosed with Cancer many years ago I was devastated and petrified, not really knowing how to talk to her about it. Since then I have made it a point to look at this horrible disease from the patient’s perspective. Here is a repost of a story from Yahoo Health listing the 25 truths Survivors want us to know.

Source: 23 Truths About Breast Cancer That Survivors Want You to Know

4. Cancer is just part of a person’s story. “While I was undergoing treatment, I constantly felt people were treating me like I was dying,” says Powers. “I want to be treated like me, not like my diagnosis; empathy is lovely, but pity is unnecessary. Whether cancer is a bump in the road, or ultimately the end of it, it’s just part of the story. Women, and men, going through breast cancer are not just patients. We are not victims. We are daughters, and mothers, and teachers, and doctors. People who stand in line with you at the grocery store, still get mad about stupid things like missing the subway, and want to talk about mundane stuff like the new season of Scandal.”


Swaggerette Profile: Sharyn Hillyer Chan – Sharyn From U.N.C.L.E

I am very excited about the new Guy Ritchie film “Man From U.N.C.L.E” because I was so obsessed with the 1960’s television show. I loved all the spy series from that era and this one had it all, from a dark handsome lead (Robert Vaughn) to the amazing clothes and strong, sexy, smart women characters I wanted to be.

10174986_10152360519232210_2891121531526008864_nsc0000ccb6I actually have a friend who was an U.N.C.L.E. girl – life coach and family therapist Sharyn Hillyer-Chan who is the subject of this Curvy Swaggerette profile. While I usually do profiles in print, I decided to introduce you to her by video so you’ll hear “the voice” that has made me nickname her sex kitten therapist for over a decade. There’s quite a bit we can learn from the sexy, smart girls from U.N.C.L.E. and definitely from Sharyn.

“…Don’t be afraid to be smart, don’t be afraid to be all you can be. I think too often women hold themselves back…” – Sharyn Hillyer-Chan

Check out this behind the scenes feature of the Girls from U.N.C.L.E. (You’ll see Sharyn at 04:16) 

And for some very cool trivia, there was actually a spinoff called “Girl From Uncle” starring Stephanie Powers.

Curvy U: What Does An Urban Medicine Woman Do?

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 8.16.05 PMWhen I first decided to create Curvy U it was during a long conversation with Urban Medicine Woman, Amankeda about the power of women supporting one another in life. One of the questions people always ask her is what an urban medicine woman does. In this webisode she explains how she sees her role as medicine woman.

“An Urban Medicine Woman is educated on what goes in and on her body. She reaches for natural remedies that support a balanced body before she heads to the pharmacy counter.

An Urban Medicine Woman connects with nature no matter how vast the concrete is that surronds her. She plants seeds, waters the sprouts and enjoys her daily harvest. She appreciates the awe of nature and dedicates time to cultivating natural beauty…” – Arin Ingraham, Guided by Gaia 

For Arin’s full post, check out the link below:

Curvy U: The Power Of The “Now”

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 7.41.11 PM

I am again very excited when I get to share the wisdom and guidance I am so blessed to receive from Urban Medicine Woman Amankeda. This topic has been a constant for me for a few years now but definitely since losing my mom. It’s so easy to become overwhelmed by the stress of life and yet there is comfort in staying in the moment and not adding to what is “so”.

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