Curvy U: What Does An Urban Medicine Woman Do?

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 8.16.05 PMWhen I first decided to create Curvy U it was during a long conversation with Urban Medicine Woman, Amankeda about the power of women supporting one another in life. One of the questions people always ask her is what an urban medicine woman does. In this webisode she explains how she sees her role as medicine woman.

“An Urban Medicine Woman is educated on what goes in and on her body. She reaches for natural remedies that support a balanced body before she heads to the pharmacy counter.

An Urban Medicine Woman connects with nature no matter how vast the concrete is that surronds her. She plants seeds, waters the sprouts and enjoys her daily harvest. She appreciates the awe of nature and dedicates time to cultivating natural beauty…” – Arin Ingraham, Guided by Gaia 

For Arin’s full post, check out the link below: