How To Walk In Heels – Kassandra Brooks

Jimmy Choo
Jimmy Choo

I really love the look of heels but unfortunately I have never mastered the art of walking in them. At 5’9″ I never really wanted to be any taller so I live vicariously through my girlfriends who walk in 3″ and higher. Here is a silly but very good tutorial on not just how to walk in heels but how to perfect your individual stride.


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Curvy Swaggerette – Demetria L. Lucas aka “Belle”

I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how many accomplished and progressive Swaggerettes are out doing their thing. I discovered Demetria on Pinterest of all things, when I pinned a gorgeous picture of her to my Curvy Swaggerette board.

Demetria L. Lucas "Belle"
Demetria L. Lucas “Belle”

She’s a confident, beautiful and accomplished author, life coach and relationship expert. “Belle” is out in the world inspiring women to love  themselves and enjoy life.

Check out her bio here:


10. MAKE A PLAN TO LAUGH AS OFTEN AS YOU CAN. My friends know I love to laugh more than anything. I surround myself with people who are funny and it makes my life challenges a lot easier to overcome. There have been plenty of devastating reasons for our nation to be at mourning, take the time to bring laughter in your life.

9. GO SHOPPING ON YOUR OWN AT LEAST ONCE. You’ll be surprised how freeing it can be to take your time to try on things and not care what anyone thinks or feel bad when your size is in another department.

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Front Twisted Knit Dress
Shown in Purple

8. BE OPEN TO NEW WAYS OF SHOPPING. Mainstream fashion treats curvy girls as an after-thought. I actually found a gorgeous LBD online in Target maternity – yes, maternity and unless I told someone they would never, ever know.

7. MAKE AN EFFORT TOWARDS BEING HEALTHIER. I gained a lot of weight this year and my best friend told me to stop beating myself up to lose weight for vanity – switch that intention to becoming healthy and fit.

cover-ok-2613154_0x4406. TAKE NOTICE OF ALL THE CURVY GODDESSES AROUND THE WORLD. Whether it’s CurvySwagger, Vogue Italia or Pinterest, there are sites with pictures of stunning, confident, amazing curvy ladies that look like YOU. The Curvy revolution is here and it will send your confidence soaring to be a part of it.

5. SAY GOODBYE TO THE “MEAN GIRLS”. Life really is much too short to not surround yourself with people who love you as you are. Distance yourself from anyone who has the need to be abusive in any form.

4. SILENCE YOUR INNER MEAN GIRL. If people said to us what we say to ourselves, we’d be furious with them. If you need help to heal your self-esteem don’t hesitate to reach out.  This is your life and self-empowerment is the most important gift you can receive.

3. NEVER ACCEPT A NEGATIVE COMMENT AS “OKAY”. Accept your beauty whatever your size and KNOW that there’s nothing wrong with you.  Example: “You have such a pretty face, it’s a shame you’re overweight”.

 2. TAKE LIFE ONE DAY AT A TIME. Seriously, it’s the only way to live life fully. Enjoy the amazing day with each and every moment and don’t fear that the bad day will never end. It’s difficult to do, but if you try it will make life a lot easier.

1. BE GOOD TO YOURSELF EVERYDAY. No matter how busy you are or how many people you take care of, make it a priority to take care of YOU! My mentor Amankeda always tells me “we inform people how to treat us”. When you care about your well being, others will be less likely to take you for granted and neither will you.

Have a Happy Holiday and a Curvalicious New Year!

Artist Gaston Lachaise
“Standing Woman”

Swaggerette – Jesse Adore of Adore Daily

When Levi’s launched their Curve ID campaign I was shocked AND impressed that they featured a real curvy girl in one of the spots. Not only is she a beautiful diva, but her style is unique and eclectic and yes, the jeans look amazing on her. I’m looking forward to trying them out to see if they can compliment my bootylicious but in the meantime, here she is – Jesse Adore.

You can find her at: