Curvy U: Spring Cleaning – Amankeda Triplejewel

Floral design by Dohki Mirmirani -
Floral design by Dohki Mirmirani –
Spring and Summer are my absolute favorite seasons. The days are longer there’s so many options to entertain and have fun outdoors. This is also the time of year for new beginnings in nature and in our consciousness. When we think of Spring Cleaning it brings to mind cleaning out our closets, our home, our car and anywhere we have clutter. More often than not, we don’t consider a spring cleaning of our spirit, our soul.
CurvySwagger contributor and Urban Medicine Woman, Amankeda Triplejewel shares with me the ways we can create a fresh start by being conscious of the relationships and environments that surround us.

“…You’re releasing the clutter, releasing the old and opening up for the new. That is also what you need to do regarding the inner…” – Amankeda