Nigella’s New Fit Curves

Nigella Lawson

One of my favorite curvy divas, Chef Nigella Lawson is looking extremely fit and as always gorgeous ready to launch two different series for the BBC and as co-host of “The Taste” here in the states.

Here is an interview in which she talks about her weightloss as a result of adding exercise and moderation NOT that she’s ashamed of her curves.

As curvy ladies our health and fitness must be our concern first and foremost, because our bodies  make us unique.

Curvy Swaggerette – Nigella Lawson’s Favorite Nibbles

I’m a huge fan of Nigella not because she’s such a talented chef but because she truly is a confident and gorgeous curvy lady. She’s actually known as the Queen of Food Porn and if you watch any episode of her series the recipes sound like erotic tales.

Here is a clip from a talk show in which Nigella describes her favorite tastes.

Image via YouTube
Image via YouTube

How to Lace Up A Corset By Yourself – YouTube

I discovered this tutorial today and it was so fascinating I had to share. I think they’re beautiful but I’ve never worn corsets before, I usually wear a basic black bustier for special events. It’s actually a very good how-to. Enjoy

Corset featured: Miss Martha Leather Geometric Underbust

via How to Lace Up A Corset By Yourself – YouTube.