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Chef Jeff Parker

Ready or not the days are shorter and our schedules are even busier especially preparing for a Thanksgiving feast. Our hot and talented contributor Chef Jeff Parker shares some great turkey “how to’s”.




It’s Better with Bacon – Bacon Wrapped Trout/Chef Jeff Parker

Image Courtesy of Chef Jeff Parker
Image Courtesy of Chef Jeff Parker

What is it about bacon that makes everyone so crazy. To me the smell of coffee brewing and bacon frying is irresistible. I had to share Chef Jeff Parker’s recipe for Bacon Wrapped Trout from Jeff Parker Cooks.

Image via
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Chef Jeff Parker loves a spicy dish! If you like wings this is an excellent recipe to add to your repertoire.

Get To Grilling!

Spicy, lemony wings – hot, but not too hot and perfect for Halloween snacking.  The  fiery, fragrant marinade is a peri peri sauce.  Peri peri (or piri piri) originates in Mozambique and Angola from a time when Portuguese settlers created dishes from the chilies they brought (called piri piri in Swahili).  Today it appears in Portuguese and African cooking alike.

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New and Exciting Stuff! « Jeff Parker Cooks

Chef Jeff Parker

One of my absolute favorite chefs is Chef Jeff Parker. Do yourself a favor and take the time make his recipes. You’ll seal the deal with your mate, impress your family and enjoy the hell out of your meal!

Check out one of his latest grilling recipes for Bull House BBQ

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New and Exciting Stuff! « Jeff Parker Cooks.