Style Diary: Style Code Live – “Military Madness” |

The Camo look is a fashion classic and the way you rock the look keeps it on trend. The folks at Style Code Live invited me to come by and talk about key items to make the trend contemporary…

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Repost: 6 body image issues I don’t want my daughter to inherit from her beauty queen grandmother

Please check out this heartfelt post written by my friend Rosemond Cranner for

My mother let being a beauty queen rule her life and mine – and I don’t want my daughter to grow up with those body image issues.

Source: 6 body image issues I don’t want my daughter to inherit from her beauty queen grandmother

“The worst insult you could sling at someone was calling her “fat,” which she often did. My mother routinely labeled women as “that fat neighbor” or “your fat friend.” It didn’t matter if you were working as a doctor, saving the world or rescuing people from burning buildings. If you didn’t have a trim waistline, you were nothing.”

– Rosemond Cranner

Curvy Repost: Plus-size clothing: the real women behind the revolution

Yes and thank you! Finally curves are being represented more and more. It’s not about curvy women versus standard sized women, it’s about ALL women being represented in fashion and our culture as equals. Check out this article from Yahoo News!
By Kaye Foley Women come in all shapes and sizes. And the fashion world has started to get in alignment with reality, from the runway and magazines pages to store shelves. Although there’s still a lot further to go, the business of plus-size is on the rise. Plus-size retail sales grew by 5 percent from…(read more at the link below)

Source: Plus-size clothing: the real women behind the revolution

Wellness Repost: 23 Truths About Breast Cancer That Survivors Want You to Know

When my mother was diagnosed with Cancer many years ago I was devastated and petrified, not really knowing how to talk to her about it. Since then I have made it a point to look at this horrible disease from the patient’s perspective. Here is a repost of a story from Yahoo Health listing the 25 truths Survivors want us to know.

Source: 23 Truths About Breast Cancer That Survivors Want You to Know

4. Cancer is just part of a person’s story. “While I was undergoing treatment, I constantly felt people were treating me like I was dying,” says Powers. “I want to be treated like me, not like my diagnosis; empathy is lovely, but pity is unnecessary. Whether cancer is a bump in the road, or ultimately the end of it, it’s just part of the story. Women, and men, going through breast cancer are not just patients. We are not victims. We are daughters, and mothers, and teachers, and doctors. People who stand in line with you at the grocery store, still get mad about stupid things like missing the subway, and want to talk about mundane stuff like the new season of Scandal.”


Curvy Friendly Brand: The Torrid Culture

It’s not very often I get a chance to go behind the scenes of a brand, especially a curvy friendly one. I was thrilled when Timothy Snell, celebrity stylist and CurvySwagger contributor invited me along for two of his Torrid appearances.IMG_5738

Our first event was a visit to the Torrid offices for a tour, a behind the scenes look at the new 2015 Torrid Denim Collection for a live-streaming style Q+A with Timothy on Facebook.
The Torrid space is a stunning, sun drenched modern loft/warehouse space and wherever we went, we saw a showroom of happy people. Beautiful curvy ladies are everywhere and you just can’t fake a great environment. After meeting everyone from the CEO to the designers, marketing execs, buyers and brand executives I honestly didn’t want to say goodbye – there had been a lot of laughter between us.

Days later Timothy and I were back with Torrid again, for their 2015 Model Search. This was anything but a competitive atmosphere – it was a “love fest”, with curvy ladies making new friends, supporting one another, feeling confident and appreciated.

IMG_5951I had the best surprise getting to meet one of my favorite Torrid supermodels, Lornalitz Baez who appeared with Timothy to encourage and celebrate the ladies. Tim and Lornalitz selfie with models

Later in the store, two luck winners received makeovers by Timothy and I happily shopped for jeans because I knew that I’d find more than one with a great fit.IMG_5978

Many of the frequent shoppers end up working at the stores and everyday curvy ladies are featured in their ads all the time. The Torrid culture is positive from the executive office to the retail floor, a living and breathing curvy community. I was on a fashion high having been surrounded by happy curvy ladies enjoying each other with genuine kindness and compassion. Very, very cool.

Check out Torrid’s 2015 Denim Collection and their #MyStoryMyTorrid fashion trend lookbooks. The Torrid Model Search winner will be announced January 2016!

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