Black Herstory – Curvy Swaggerette, Pam Grier

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Absolutely one of my favorite bad-ass action stars is Pam Grier. Strong, tough and confidently sexy, nobody messed with this curvy diva.

“I can’t talk about myself. I just can’t. I know I’ve influenced people, and I’m proud of that. But as I see it, I really haven’t done anything. I haven’t saved anybody from a burning building. Foxy Brown actually approached me at the start of her career to ask if she could use the name. I told her, ‘You didn’t need to ask.’ If you’re an independent woman, every woman is Foxy Brown”. – The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, January 7, 2006

“People see me as a strong black figure, and I’m proud of that, but I’m a mix of several races: Hispanic, Chinese, Filipino. My dad was black, and my mom was Cheyenne Indian. So you look at things beyond just race, or even religion: I was raised Catholic, baptized a Methodist, and almost married a Muslim”.

Black Herstory Hair Moment – Ode To The Afro Puff

It was the 70’s and time to take my first passport photo and of course I thought I was cute rockin’ my lopsided afro puffs. I wish I could still use this passport if just for a good giggle. On the other hand, my fashionista mother Shirley really WAS cute rockin’ her afro puff.

Hairstyles come and go but there are a few that manage to float from decade to decade. Now that more and more women are wearing natural styles I’ve seen quite a few very cute “puffs” all over town.

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