Powerful, talented and confident women, those are Curvy Swaggerettes.


The 2013 Australian Open semi-finals were anything but dull and the match between 19-year old Sloane Stephens and her idol Serena Williams was intense. After quite the battle Sloan won the match, but for me the real triumph was seeing two powerful generations of black women playing a sport I love.

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The first professional black female player was Althea Gibson in 1957 and the first professional black male player was Arthur Ashe in 1975.

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Black Herstory – Curvy Swaggerette, Pam Grier

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Image via bing.com

Absolutely one of my favorite bad-ass action stars is Pam Grier. Strong, tough and confidently sexy, nobody messed with this curvy diva.

“I can’t talk about myself. I just can’t. I know I’ve influenced people, and I’m proud of that. But as I see it, I really haven’t done anything. I haven’t saved anybody from a burning building. Foxy Brown actually approached me at the start of her career to ask if she could use the name. I told her, ‘You didn’t need to ask.’ If you’re an independent woman, every woman is Foxy Brown”. – The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, January 7, 2006

“People see me as a strong black figure, and I’m proud of that, but I’m a mix of several races: Hispanic, Chinese, Filipino. My dad was black, and my mom was Cheyenne Indian. So you look at things beyond just race, or even religion: I was raised Catholic, baptized a Methodist, and almost married a Muslim”.

Black Herstory Hair Moment – Ode To The Afro Puff

It was the 70’s and time to take my first passport photo and of course I thought I was cute rockin’ my lopsided afro puffs. I wish I could still use this passport if just for a good giggle. On the other hand, my fashionista mother Shirley really WAS cute rockin’ her afro puff.

Hairstyles come and go but there are a few that manage to float from decade to decade. Now that more and more women are wearing natural styles I’ve seen quite a few very cute “puffs” all over town.

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