Repost: 6 body image issues I don’t want my daughter to inherit from her beauty queen grandmother

Please check out this heartfelt post written by my friend Rosemond Cranner for

My mother let being a beauty queen rule her life and mine – and I don’t want my daughter to grow up with those body image issues.

Source: 6 body image issues I don’t want my daughter to inherit from her beauty queen grandmother

“The worst insult you could sling at someone was calling her “fat,” which she often did. My mother routinely labeled women as “that fat neighbor” or “your fat friend.” It didn’t matter if you were working as a doctor, saving the world or rescuing people from burning buildings. If you didn’t have a trim waistline, you were nothing.”

– Rosemond Cranner

Curvy Swaggerette – Gabrielle Fequiere – TJ Maxx Commercial

Meet Gabrielle Fequiere aka youtube fashionista “Gabrielle The Guru”. She’s a beautiful and confident Diva featured in the latest national commercial for TJ Maxx. The singer/songwriter can add actress/model to her list of accomplishments.

Her bright smile and confident personality is one of the many reasons I like the TJ Maxx campaign so much.

*photo via – Gabrielle The Guru

Denise Bidot: Plus-Size Model on Modeling and Motherhood :

“I didn’t want to compromise who I was and what I believed in for an industry,” Bidot tells PEOPLE

“When the clothes change, the women change,” she says. “They start feeling more confident and then all of a sudden, people start seeing them differently. It’s been a really, really cool thing to see from the inside out.” – Denise Bidot

To read the full article, click the link below:

Source: Denise Bidot: Plus-Size Model on Modeling and Motherhood :

CurvyWellness: Good News, Bad News – Ashley Graham’s Sports Illustrated cover

Here’s the good news…for the first time ever Sports Illustrated has a gorgeous Curvy model (Ashley Graham) on its cover with curvy athlete Ronda Rousey inside! The bad news is a former SI covergirl (Cheryl Tiegs) feels the need to complain about it. #whenwillwomenstophatingoneachother. Whenever the status quo gets a smack down, it’s won’t go quietly. Work those unapologetic curves Ashley!

This is horrible! The ‘world’s first supermodel’ Cheryl Tiegs has been on the cover of Sports Illustrated several times, but she’s got no love for one of this year’s covergirls, Ashley Graham. As a matter of fact, she’s calling the plus-sized beauty ‘unhealthy!’ Here’s the scoop.

Source: Cheryl Tiegs: Ashley Graham Is ‘Unhealthy’ — Slams Her Sports Illustrated Cover – Hollywood Life

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