Modern Curves, Modern Style Fashion Show

Our CurvySwagger contributor and fashion guru Timothy Snell presents Modern Curves, Modern Style fashion show on The Queen Latifah Show.

photo 1I’ve already shared all the behind-the-scenes fun we had pulling together the Modern Curves, Modern Style Fashion show for The Queen Latifah Show. In case you missed the episode, here is the complete show. Enjoy!

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On The QL Show: Modern Curves, Modern Style

CurvySwagger fashion guru Timothy Snell presents his Modern Curves, Modern Style show on The Queen Latifah Show.

Photo Nov 11, 10 33 02 AM

When the producers at the QL show asked me to talk about trends I wanted to prove that every woman can be stylish and chic from size 2 to 24.

A curvy woman doesn’t want to be different; she wants to participate in fashion as well. She wants to buy everything that’s on the racks, she wants to look good, she wants to look approachable. Women always ask me, “Where did you get that from?”, “Can I get it too?”, “Can I get it in my size?”.

Hair by Paula Ashby

Makeup by Merc Arceneaux

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OOTD for Skorch Magazine: “The Scarlett & Jo Powerfit Dress”

So sexy. I love the color block look!

"Trendy Curves" by Bella Styles, LLC

Skorch Nov 2013 Collage

I recently was contacted by the team of Scarlett & Jo for Evans about doing a review. I decided to choose the SCARLETT & JO CREAM CONTRAST POWERFIT DRESS as my review pick. I went for the cream and black color because that is so on trend at the moment. Plus, a girl can never go wrong in a great illusion dress.  The dress features super soft Toulouse lining to enhance the shape and provide comfort all for the generous price of only $69.50. With the deep v-neckline of the dress I decided to go for a statement piece by adding this Gem Clasp Chain Necklace from Asos Curve. The necklace has an emerald green centerpiece that rivals that of any expensive designer jewels but with a low price tag of only $53.39. (Plus checkout the matching ring and bracelet). I’m featured wearing the dress in this month’s issue…

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From The Editor: My Gold Crush


I have pretty much been a silver loving girl since my teens. Give me a great pair of silver hoop earrings and I’m good to go. However, something very interesting has happened to me this season – I’ve got a bad Gold crush! Suddenly I find myself wearing it all the time cheating on my silver accessories without shame.

The fall/winter season has black and gold combinations in everything from leather and chunky gold necklaces to shoes trimmed with a midas touch. My new favorite piece is a vintage gold charm bracelet that belonged to my mother’s that I have to force myself to take off. IMG_2314






We have to keep reminding ourselves that fashion is a fun expression of who we are and not to be taken so seriously.

(images above via Pinterest)

Is there a trend that you’re loving this season? I’d love to know.

Rock the gold ladies!

Curvy Rocker!




The Curvy revolution keeps blazing forward! CurvySwagger contributor, Chef Jeff Parker sent this Yahoo Shine article to me and it made my day.

It’s “curvy,” not “plus size.” Got it? That was the top response among women size 14 and over, when asked about their preferred marketing term in a recent survey by retailer Sonsi. – Yahoo Shine


Curvy Fit: The Power Of Cinnamon

IMG_1648My mentor and CurvySwagger wellness contributor Amankeda ( has always urged me to improve my #diet and use natural remedies to heal. I’ll admit it, I’m a challenging student, but I’m getting better and determined to change my ways.

A few months back she told me about her recipe for #Cinnamon #Tea and the excellent health benefits it has. Cinnamon can rev up your #metabolism and curb your craving for sweets. She is a pretty strict #vegan, so her body leaned out even more drinking the tea,which would be expected considering how clean her diet is. I, on the other hand love the fact that my #cravings for #sweets are diminishing, I have more energy even with my long hours and my water intake has increased.

(  According to the additional benefits of Cinnamon include:

Helps Lower Blood Sugar + Reduce bad cholesterol

Helps Boost The Immune System

The Aroma Boosts Brain Activity

Aids in Digestion

There are several versions of cinnamon tea and water online but here are (4) four options I’ve discovered including Amankeda’s. All these recipes use cinnamon sticks and NOT powder:


1 Cinnamon Stick per 8 oz of water (I use a gallon pitcher = 16 cups/16 sticks)

*Bring water to a boil, drop the cinnamon stick(s) in for (1) one minute, turn off heat

Steep for 2 minutes

Pour in cup/pitcher

Add water according to taste (I drink the stronger version) Put in Fridge

**Minimum (1) One cup per day to experience the benefits.


Crush a cinnamon stick at the bottom of a cup and pour boiling water over it. Steep tea for 10-15


Makes one big pitcher ( I used a Gallon Pitcher), re-fill water 3-4 times before replacing apples and cinnamon… I did this every couple days

1 Apple thinly slice (Whatever your favorite is) — I used Fuji ApplesDelicious!!!
1 Cinnamon Stick

Drop apple slices in the bottom of the pitcher (save a few to drop in your glass later) and then the cinnamon stick, cover with ice about 1/2 way through then with water. Place in the fridge for 10 minutes before serving.


*get a refillable water bottle.
-thinly slice 2-3 pieces of circular ginger root pieces.
-thinly and narrowly slice apples in ( I use pink ladies they’re so sweet!)
-drop in half a cinnamon stick
-fill with water and let steep over night and it’s ready!
( also you can refill this plenty of times!! Until the apples are bad)
When the water is a quarter left I fill it back up.
When you take your nasty apples out or when they first start turning darker you can eat them or throw away (they are delicious!) & just replace apples! Leave cinnamon in! )

The water versions will have a more subtle taste while the teas are sweeter. *I added green apples to Amankeda’s tea recipe and I’m hooked. Be careful that you do not boil the apples because this will create a large amount of natural sugar added to the drink.

Let me know how you like it and how it’s benefitting you. Be well.

Fitting Curvy – From The Runway Onto Your Curves

Image via
Image via

Hopefully the fashion industry will support the curvy lady with the same gusto they do for the standard sized gal. In the meantime I am thrilled whenever I discover information like this this segment featured on Huffington Post Live. Industry fashionistas discuss the importance of shapewear, choosing classic silhouettes and taking risks with fashion trends. .


Our fashion contributor Timothy Snell always says, “wear your underpinnings”. When we wear an outfit that fits our body well we feel confident and sexy. Tight does NOT equal fit and yet it is so common to see so many women confuse the two.

Kimberly Caldwell, Marketing Director at Linda The Bra Lady

Get fit for a bra every 6-9 months, it can change your look completely and instantly. The #Squeem corset will give your body a smooth hourglass shape Don’t forget fit when you’re buying swimwear. #Linda The Bra Lady has swimwear with built-in support that will keep you confident by the pool and at the beach

Christina Anderson, Fashion Editor – HuffPost Style

Choose a classic silhouette like the wrap dress and don’t be afraid to us #double stick if you are concerned about spilling out of the dress. Take risks with trends that have otherwise have been “off-limits” to curvy bodies like animal print. Start of small with accessories and work your way up to a skirt or top.

Chastity Garner, Blogger –

Don’t be afraid to wear the trends that you love, like horizontal stripes, we’ve been taught not to do it as curvy ladies but wear what you love.

KamariaGboro, Blogger –

The plus-size shop at the mall is not generally going to be your friend, so go online and make sure you know your measurements. There are so many more resources and options for curvy style online.