Curvy Fit: The Power Of Cinnamon

IMG_1648My mentor and CurvySwagger wellness contributor Amankeda ( has always urged me to improve my #diet and use natural remedies to heal. I’ll admit it, I’m a challenging student, but I’m getting better and determined to change my ways.

A few months back she told me about her recipe for #Cinnamon #Tea and the excellent health benefits it has. Cinnamon can rev up your #metabolism and curb your craving for sweets. She is a pretty strict #vegan, so her body leaned out even more drinking the tea,which would be expected considering how clean her diet is. I, on the other hand love the fact that my #cravings for #sweets are diminishing, I have more energy even with my long hours and my water intake has increased.

(  According to the additional benefits of Cinnamon include:

Helps Lower Blood Sugar + Reduce bad cholesterol

Helps Boost The Immune System

The Aroma Boosts Brain Activity

Aids in Digestion

There are several versions of cinnamon tea and water online but here are (4) four options I’ve discovered including Amankeda’s. All these recipes use cinnamon sticks and NOT powder:


1 Cinnamon Stick per 8 oz of water (I use a gallon pitcher = 16 cups/16 sticks)

*Bring water to a boil, drop the cinnamon stick(s) in for (1) one minute, turn off heat

Steep for 2 minutes

Pour in cup/pitcher

Add water according to taste (I drink the stronger version) Put in Fridge

**Minimum (1) One cup per day to experience the benefits.


Crush a cinnamon stick at the bottom of a cup and pour boiling water over it. Steep tea for 10-15


Makes one big pitcher ( I used a Gallon Pitcher), re-fill water 3-4 times before replacing apples and cinnamon… I did this every couple days

1 Apple thinly slice (Whatever your favorite is) — I used Fuji ApplesDelicious!!!
1 Cinnamon Stick

Drop apple slices in the bottom of the pitcher (save a few to drop in your glass later) and then the cinnamon stick, cover with ice about 1/2 way through then with water. Place in the fridge for 10 minutes before serving.


*get a refillable water bottle.
-thinly slice 2-3 pieces of circular ginger root pieces.
-thinly and narrowly slice apples in ( I use pink ladies they’re so sweet!)
-drop in half a cinnamon stick
-fill with water and let steep over night and it’s ready!
( also you can refill this plenty of times!! Until the apples are bad)
When the water is a quarter left I fill it back up.
When you take your nasty apples out or when they first start turning darker you can eat them or throw away (they are delicious!) & just replace apples! Leave cinnamon in! )

The water versions will have a more subtle taste while the teas are sweeter. *I added green apples to Amankeda’s tea recipe and I’m hooked. Be careful that you do not boil the apples because this will create a large amount of natural sugar added to the drink.

Let me know how you like it and how it’s benefitting you. Be well.

Curvy Taste – Bludso’s Bar-&-Que Review

Screen Shot 2013-04-15 at 9.04.16 PM

My friend Timothy suggested we try out a new spot for BBQ in our hood. Bludso’s Bar-&-Que is a new eatery on La Brea Avenue and Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles.


The exterior and interior are minimal, cool and sleek. As soon as we walked through the door the aroma from the kitchen was ridiculously good. The menu will make you smile with sides for $5 and $12 for meats.

As a group of four (me being the only girl) ordered what seemed like everything on the menu family style. Not just one thing but EVERYTHING was really, really delicious. Their cocktails were only 10 bucks and that’s almost unheard of for a “non-happy hour” situation.

Our friend Marc suggested it would be fun to order a spread and do a picnic or my favorite – takeout and free music at LACMA. Whatever you decide to do, you need to go check this place out.

 Bludso’s Bar-&-Que

609 N. La Brea Avenue

Los Angeles, Ca  90036


It’s Better with Bacon – Bacon Wrapped Trout/Chef Jeff Parker

Image Courtesy of Chef Jeff Parker
Image Courtesy of Chef Jeff Parker

What is it about bacon that makes everyone so crazy. To me the smell of coffee brewing and bacon frying is irresistible. I had to share Chef Jeff Parker’s recipe for Bacon Wrapped Trout from Jeff Parker Cooks.