Style Diary: Style Code Live – “Military Madness” |

The Camo look is a fashion classic and the way you rock the look keeps it on trend. The folks at Style Code Live invited me to come by and talk about key items to make the trend contemporary…

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“Curvy Style With Timothy Snell” – Launching on Centric Television!

Tim Snell Behind the Camera - Centric
#manbehindthecurves in front of the camera.

What has our curvyswagger style contributor Timothy Snell been up to? Making a long-time dream come true, that’s what! On April 30th Centric TV launches his new show “Curvy Style With Timothy Snell”. #themanbehindthecurves comes from behind the scenes out in front of the camera to inspire and style curvy divas to show all of us Curvy Swaggerettes how to work sophisticated style. Be sure to follow him on instagram@timothysnell1 and on twitter #timothysnell1.


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Take a look at the show promo here:

Timothy Snell - BTS Centric TV
Shooting the “Curvy Style With Timothy Snell” Promo in NYC

Curvy Repost: Plus-size clothing: the real women behind the revolution

Yes and thank you! Finally curves are being represented more and more. It’s not about curvy women versus standard sized women, it’s about ALL women being represented in fashion and our culture as equals. Check out this article from Yahoo News!
By Kaye Foley Women come in all shapes and sizes. And the fashion world has started to get in alignment with reality, from the runway and magazines pages to store shelves. Although there’s still a lot further to go, the business of plus-size is on the rise. Plus-size retail sales grew by 5 percent from…(read more at the link below)

Source: Plus-size clothing: the real women behind the revolution

Wellness Repost: 23 Truths About Breast Cancer That Survivors Want You to Know

When my mother was diagnosed with Cancer many years ago I was devastated and petrified, not really knowing how to talk to her about it. Since then I have made it a point to look at this horrible disease from the patient’s perspective. Here is a repost of a story from Yahoo Health listing the 25 truths Survivors want us to know.

Source: 23 Truths About Breast Cancer That Survivors Want You to Know

4. Cancer is just part of a person’s story. “While I was undergoing treatment, I constantly felt people were treating me like I was dying,” says Powers. “I want to be treated like me, not like my diagnosis; empathy is lovely, but pity is unnecessary. Whether cancer is a bump in the road, or ultimately the end of it, it’s just part of the story. Women, and men, going through breast cancer are not just patients. We are not victims. We are daughters, and mothers, and teachers, and doctors. People who stand in line with you at the grocery store, still get mad about stupid things like missing the subway, and want to talk about mundane stuff like the new season of Scandal.”


Victoria’s Secret’s most iconic model reveals how she hid weight gain from the company – Yahoo Finance

The beautiful Tyra Banks was the curviest of the Victoria Secret angels and is also never one to hide her truth. The timing of this story seems perfect since the launch of the new Lane Bryant #Plusisequal campaign has gained so much success.

When I would gain weight and I had a big Victoria’s Secret shoot, say they wanted me to shoot the cover of the swimsuit issue, I would just make my hair bigger to make my booty look smaller,” – Tyra Banks (according to an interview with People Magazine)


CURVY DIY: 7 Ways to Get rid of Dark Eye Circles — Bloglovin

The good news is that It’s the time of year when the days are longer for going out and having a great time. The bad news is it might not look so good the next day. Here’s a DIY list from Bloglovin’ to help you naturally tame those dark circles to party once again.

Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 11.20.46 AM

7 Ways to Get rid of Dark Eye Circles — Bloglovin.

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chriselle_lim_5_ways_get_rid_dark_eye_circles-3 chriselle_lim_5_ways_get_rid_dark_eye_circles-7

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