Wine + Boobs: The Jenette Bras & Elisa B Event – “Dressed/UNdressed”

screen-shot-2016-09-12-at-11-16-55-am Jenette Goldstein, the owner of Jenette Bras Boutique recently hosted a night of wine pairings with beautiful dresses and lingerie at the Elisa B Boutique, brilliant idea and a fun-filled night. Wines by Everson Royce, dresses by Shoshanna USA, Graylin USA, Milly and lingerie by French brands Empreinte, Prima Donna and Lise Charmel.


(click below to watch video)

Dressed/UNdressed Event

Center photo: Starr Foreman; model: Amber Mitchell

Whether you’re a curvy girl or not, there’s nothing like the excitement of the perfect “fit”! That moment when you look in the mirror and not only love what you’re wearing but how good you look and feel in it. As curvy girls we know how few and far between those moments can be.

If you’re traveling to Los Angeles make sure you put Jenette Bras on your list up there with Disneyland and Hollywood Boulevard. Let the family do what they will while you give yourself a gift that doesn’t stop giving – the perfect bra! If you live here, then you have absolutely no excuse with three different boutiques to choose from (Pasadena, Westside and Eastside).

“I was neck deep into my forties when I got my first proper bra-fitting. I had mixed feelings. My band size went down. That was great. But my cup… holy crap. I didn’t know they even used that part of the alphabet. My husband’s eyes kind of glazed over when I told him my new size. A sense of deep contentment seemed to settle over him, like he had won some kind of lottery…” – Jenette Goldstein, Owner – Jenette Bras

The entire experience is a big soul pampering ego boost with a sweet fun staff and quality bras ranging from $70 up to $200. This is an investment you will be glad you’ve made. The staff will fit you for a bra, complete with care instructions and your personal client file for updates, new arrivals, sales and special events like Dressed + UNdressed.

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