Curves N The Newz: Chastity Garner, –

Curvy Swaggerette and fellow curvy blogger Chastity Garner is profiled online with Italian Vogue. Dissatisfied with Target’s dwindling plus-size/curvy department, Chastity has taken up the fight to put the industry on alert that there is a major market being ignored.

Chastity Garner,
Chastity Garner,

“Finally you get to the plus size section, which in my home target is two racks tucked behind the maternity section.  I started to ask myself the question, “I spend 1000s of dollars in this store a year, but yet I’m not good enough to cater as a shopper…” – Chastity Gardner

See more at: Interview with Chastity Garner the blogger behind –

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Go to Chastity’s Curvy Conference Summer 2015:

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