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After what had been a very challenging week, I joined CurvySwagger contributor and my mentor Amankeda on a trip to LACMA here in Los Angeles. We go there a lot not just for the museum collections and free concerts but because the park surrounding the museum is so peaceful. IMG_1451
We spoke about being grateful even in the midst of challenges and how difficult that can sometimes be to pull off. No sooner than Amankeda had finished a thought, I looked up and in front of me sat a young woman and young man who was wearing a cap that said “Thankful”. I had to have one of those hats and we asked where he had purchased one. IMG_9134
He introduced himself as Warren and was in fact the designer/creator of Thankfulandco. When I got home I couldn’t wait to look up the merchandise and was thrilled to see not only really cool items but a brand with such an amazing message. These were items that would not only remind me on a daily basis to be thankful but also act as a reminder or an inspiration to others as Warren’s hat did for us that day.

I reconnected with Warren to see what inspired him to create such a positive line.

1. How did the line come to be? What was your inspiration? 
The line came to be when I was having a rough time in my life actually. Dropped out of college, relationship problems all that good stuff. I was in a negative mind state and needed to get out of it. I wasn’t in school anymore and had to find a way to stay educated, so I hit the book store, funny because I hated reading. I was never really a grateful person until I came across this book called “The Magic” by. Rhonda Byrne and in it Byrne talks about the power of this little thing called Gratitude and how to look for the good in every situation, even in the hard times. It pretty much changed  my life. I had to put my friends on game So I converted the message of Gratitude into a clothing brand that everybody could connect with called “Thankful & Co.”
2. How has the experience launching it been for you? What has been the response?
The experience has been humbling. Made a lot of new friends, business partners and gained a lot of knowledge in the process. Even people I had trouble getting along with in high school became closer than ever. Its crazy..amazing actually. The response from my friends and people interested in the brand has been nothing but positive.I can’t thank my friends, family and brand representers enough for their support. Gotta Thank God of course.
3. What is your favorite item on the site?
My favorite item on the site is probably the hats. I get the most comments on it when I am out wearing it. It’s probably because when you see a guy wearing a snapback you think this dude aint But when They see what that Old English says and Learn what that “T” stands for, their whole perspective on the person wearing that Thankful hat changes and becomes more positive because of the message they represent.
In this time in our culture it is so easy to get caught up in the daily stresses, challenges and negative energy but even a little bit of fashion can turn around someone’s day.

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