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The good news is that It’s the time of year when the days are longer for going out and having a great time. The bad news is it might not look so good the next day. Here’s a DIY list from Bloglovin’ to help you naturally tame those dark circles to party once again.

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7 Ways to Get rid of Dark Eye Circles — Bloglovin.

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Curvy U: The Power Of The “Now”

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I am again very excited when I get to share the wisdom and guidance I am so blessed to receive from Urban Medicine Woman Amankeda. This topic has been a constant for me for a few years now but definitely since losing my mom. It’s so easy to become overwhelmed by the stress of life and yet there is comfort in staying in the moment and not adding to what is “so”.

Curves N The Newz: Chastity Garner, –

Curvy Swaggerette and fellow curvy blogger Chastity Garner is profiled online with Italian Vogue. Dissatisfied with Target’s dwindling plus-size/curvy department, Chastity has taken up the fight to put the industry on alert that there is a major market being ignored.

Chastity Garner,
Chastity Garner,

“Finally you get to the plus size section, which in my home target is two racks tucked behind the maternity section.  I started to ask myself the question, “I spend 1000s of dollars in this store a year, but yet I’m not good enough to cater as a shopper…” – Chastity Gardner

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Curvy U: Spring Cleaning – Amankeda Triplejewel

Floral design by Dohki Mirmirani -
Floral design by Dohki Mirmirani –
Spring and Summer are my absolute favorite seasons. The days are longer there’s so many options to entertain and have fun outdoors. This is also the time of year for new beginnings in nature and in our consciousness. When we think of Spring Cleaning it brings to mind cleaning out our closets, our home, our car and anywhere we have clutter. More often than not, we don’t consider a spring cleaning of our spirit, our soul.
CurvySwagger contributor and Urban Medicine Woman, Amankeda Triplejewel shares with me the ways we can create a fresh start by being conscious of the relationships and environments that surround us.

“…You’re releasing the clutter, releasing the old and opening up for the new. That is also what you need to do regarding the inner…” – Amankeda

Curvy Brand: Lane Bryant – I’m No Angel Campaign

Beautiful curvy ladies modeling super cute lingerie. The new Lane Bryant lingerie ad Campaign “I’m No Angel” is chic, sexy, fun and a very happy surprise to see gorgeous curvy ladies on billboards and television.

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