Curvy Wisdom: The Compliment – Pay It Forward

217861700693550917_xTSZ6eOo_bAs curvy ladies we tend to allow ourselves a limited sense of self. Culturally, the images of standard sized women as the ideal beauty leaves us unconsciously convinced that we’re invisible. There are those of us who have gotten used to looking from neck up and not really spending a lot of time to love what we see in the mirror.

My intent for CurvySwagger is to empower the curvy community to feel confident and courageous, but that’s huge and I realize it. It’s all about taking baby steps to reach these goals, the same baby steps I’m taking for myself. It’s not about excluding ourselves from the skinny ladies, it’s about including ourselves in the world. That’s what the curvy revolution is all about.

One baby step is learning how to love ourselves by expressing appreciation for other women. The next time you see a woman (especially a curvy one) who looks great TELL her. We spend so little time giving ourselves a compliment and we appreciate it when we get one. When a compliment is sincere and not a back-handed one (you’re so pretty it’s a shame about your weight) it feels amazing. Pass that love forward. It connects us as women and it inspires us to recognize the beautiful, bodacious powerful curvy ladies all around us.



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