I am so grateful and blessed to be surrounded by talented and supportive people who are the best at what they do. I’m bringing them along on this curvy journey with me to share their advice, wisdom and humor.



Amankeda Triplewel, Urban Medicine Woman

One of the best life choices I have ever made is reaching out and studying with my mentor Amankeda. She is an urban medicine woman, energetic healer, psychic and counselor. Her amazing sense of humor, wisdom and no-nonsense approach to spirituality has consistently supported me through gut-wrenching losses (my mother) and my journey to self-love. Her work with women and sensuality, wellness, nutrition and alternative healing will allow me to support curvy divas to the next level and beyond!


 Timothy Snell, Designer/Host/Celebrity Stylist

Screen Shot 2013-07-23 at 2.18.38 PM

Timothy Snell is the extremely funny and talented curvy style expert, gifted designer and celebrity stylist behind some of the most iconic divas in the world including Whitney Houston, Angela Bassett and Queen Latifah. I have the honor of being an editor-at-large for his online fashion blog and documentarian. Timothy’s determination to change the fashion industry’s perception AND inclusion of curvy bodies makes his contribution invaluable to


Chef Jeff Parker, Celebrity Chef/Writer/Host

Image Courtesy of Chef Jeff Parker


The very talented and handsome Chef Jeff Parker is not just a friend but has always inspired me to make an effort to cook delicious meals at home. His approach to cooking is all about flavor, creativity and inspiration from cuisine all around the world. He’s a celebrity chef, food stylist, culinary producer, cookbook author, host, spokesperson for Bull Outdoor Products and the CEO of Food Crew Inc.

Vanessa “Kitty” Giorgio, Celebrity Trainer/Yogi/Writer

Kitty On Spin bike

A master fitness “sculptress” Vanessa has been a long-time friend and phenomenal spin, yoga and cross training diva. She combines a spiritual balance between the physical and mental with the mantra of strength and fitness over “thin”. Her advice in taking care of our bodies to be healthy and bringing consciousness of our worth is what makes her the perfect contributor for





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