Curvy Confident: Jenny Trout + Her Bikini

It’s been a long time since my last post my lovely Swaggerettes! I’ve been navigating life and enjoying the warmth of the summer, but I’m back to share some giggles and inspiration.

For many, many summers I have sat at the edge of the pool or  at the beach wishing I could wear a bikini one day. There are countless pictures over the years of my skinny girlfriends dancing and laying out and me in my large coverup. Every season I hear myself say “…one day.” I’m not proud of my attitude and developing this blog has helped me immensely in accepting the body I have so I can become much healthier inside and out.


A welcome inspiration came to my attention via Yahoo Shine–world-doesn-t-end-180736209.html about blogger Jennifer Trout’s humorous post.

I fulfilled New Year’s resolution #4. I wore a bikini in public. While being fat. This is me at Hunter’s Point in Copper Harbor, standing in Lake Superior. – Jenny Trout, Trout Nation

You can read her original post here:

Not only is Jenny an example of a true Curvy Swaggerette, the bikini is really, really cute too! The popularity of her post has been off the charts and that further proves how much we’re all ready to love ourselves and that will change the world.

My spiritual mentor always says we inform people how we want to be treated. I’m excited about Jenny’s courage and humor and want to spread the word!

Celebrate your curves!

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