Editor’s Resolution: How To Ignite Your Curvy Swagger


Happy, Happy 2014…

Welcome to a brand spanking new year my lovely Swaggerettes! I’m hoping you had the most amazing holiday season and said a sweet goodbye to 2013.

Everyone has been making their new year resolutions and hoping they can follow-thru and make them stick, but I have a suggestion for you. Don’t make any. I’m serious. Don’t focus solely on the things you have to change – change is right in front of you. I’ve learned that changing our attitude and our intent is the only way to fly. When we shift our attitude about how valuable we are, it attracts that behavior toward us.

After reflecting on 2013 and doing research for my year-end list, I discovered how much the curvy community was seen AND heard. Even in controversy, individuals were speaking out about being treated with respect and dignity. The greatest way to ignite your CurvySwagger is to commit to being free, really free and that takes courage to step from the background.

Mom + Me in glassesI unfortunately lost my mom in 2013 and because she was my world and best friend, it took quite the chunk out of my soul. One of the last things she said to me was that “It was too short”. We hear that cliché all the time and yet when someone dying says it, you really understand that it’s no joke.

My intent for all of us Curvy ladies is to support one other to be who we authentically are in the here and now. Don’t wait until you drop that weight or meet that person or until next weekend – HERE AND NOW. There will always be “haters”, bullies and people who feel we should blend into the background but that will only happen if we do it. I’ve spent most of my life allowing myself to be bullied and disrespected because I’m a girl, because I’m black, because I’m over 30, because I’m still single and because I’m a curvy girl and I’m officially claiming freedom from all of it.

It’s a new year and an excellent opportunity to commit claiming our swagger.  My CurvySwagger resolution is to inspire, support and discover all there is to celebrate in this sexy, confident Curvy world and I have every intention of bringing my curvy ladies along for the ride.

Happy New Year Ladies!

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