The Top 10 Curvy Stories Of 2013 – #2 of 10

#2 Controversy – “Jacketgate” Elle Covergirl Melissa McCarthy


In November, Elle Magazine created six covers for their “Women In Hollywood” issue featuring Penelope Cruz, Reese Witherspoon, Marion Cotillard, Shailene Woodley and Naomie Harris. It was beyond exciting that a Curvy Swaggerette, Melissa McCarthy would be featured on a cover as well.

adele-0312-1-marchcover_20072229135_1382083580748736Much like another A-List curvy cover girl Adele having appeared on Vogue, the cover sparked its own level of controversy because of what Melissa was wearing.

While there may have been press all over “Jacketgate”, Melissa was very amused since she’s the one that actually chose the coat from wardrobe.

Personally, I am such a huge fan that when I saw the cover it made my day. She looked sexy, confident and beautiful in a gorgeous cashmere coat.

The real point of this controversy is that people are actually having a dialogue about curves for a change instead of acting like none of us should exist. The Curvy revolution rages on!

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