The Top 10 Curvy Stories Of 2013 – #3 of 10

#3 – The Queen Latifah Show – Queen Latifah + Timothy Snell

This isn’t #3 just because Timothy is one of’s contributors, it’s because the show ushered in one of the most stylish curvy ladies in the business to talk. Queen Latifah or as I like to call her, “her royal hotness” launched her talk show September of this year.

What the public didn’t see is the months of work, research, shopping, design and preparation that Timothy had to do to plan her show wardrobe. What makes this such an important show is not just the positive representation of an African-American woman, but also the chic and sophisticated image of a lady with curves.

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The show has since become a hit and every day Queen is an example that curvy women can be pulled together and fabulous at every price point from dressy to casual. For her fall/winter trends fashion show she and Timothy staged his “Modern Curves, Modern Style” showing both standard and plus size ensembles that brought the house down.

Viewers also got a treat when Timothy designed Queen’s Halloween costume as Queen Nefertiti to celebrate the motto that all women are Queens.

Having the tall, voluptuous presence of Queen on television every weekday gives women of all sizes something to admire and celebrate. All hail our Queen!

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