The Top 10 Curvy Stories Of 2013 – #7 of 10

#7 Controversy – BeautifulPeople.com

With the positive comes the negative and unfortunately we had a few stories that featured negative comments from some insensitive people.

BeautifulPeople.com is a Toronto based company that seems to keep popping up in the news every year. Greg Hodge, the site’s managing director infuriated me as I watched an interview with him on Entertainment Tonight in November. In reference to those who would be rejected for membership Hodge said:

“Overweight people would never be on the site because they are not considered beautiful.”

This site is very controversial to say the least. To become a member you must submit photographs and be voted on by the “beautiful members” for acceptance. While doing my research, I discovered a January 2010 idnblog.com post that proves the site rejected 5,000 members who admitted gaining weight over the holidays.


In a featured segment on Joy Behar, Hodge was in the news again marketing the site as the perfect go-to resource for couples wanting to find beautiful egg and sperm donors.Screen Shot 2013-12-22 at 3.19.37 PM

Screen Shot 2013-12-22 at 3.27.39 PM

I was thrilled to find a story on CNN featuring Anderson Cooper on the ridiculousness of the shallow site. Apparently the site had a so-called virus and 30,000 “ugly people” got onto the site. Always the gentlemen, Hodges was quoted from a Guardian newspaper article saying:

“We have to stick to our principles of only accepting beautiful people…we can’t just sweep 30,000 ugly people under the carpet.”

It’s like that feeling you got in High School being judged by all the “cool kids” and at the reunion 10 years later they’re still trying to wear that same dress. Creating an elite society is scary and demeaning. Here’s my question, if he wasn’t the managing director would Greg Hodges even be voted into the club?greghodgeofb


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