From The Editor: My Gold Crush


I have pretty much been a silver loving girl since my teens. Give me a great pair of silver hoop earrings and I’m good to go. However, something very interesting has happened to me this season – I’ve got a bad Gold crush! Suddenly I find myself wearing it all the time cheating on my silver accessories without shame.

The fall/winter season has black and gold combinations in everything from leather and chunky gold necklaces to shoes trimmed with a midas touch. My new favorite piece is a vintage gold charm bracelet that belonged to my mother’s that I have to force myself to take off. IMG_2314






We have to keep reminding ourselves that fashion is a fun expression of who we are and not to be taken so seriously.

(images above via Pinterest)

Is there a trend that you’re loving this season? I’d love to know.

Rock the gold ladies!

Naughty Curves: Sexy Doesn’t Have To Be Skinny

I think we all need to remember that sexy is not defined by a skinny frame. I’m not saying it’s not a skinny frame but that sexy is an attitude, a confidence and I’m here to support a curvy frame of mind.


If you have any doubt in your mind that you can’t rock your curves sexy, here are plenty of reasons you can.

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Curvy Rocker!

Curvy Swaggerette – Blogger Kelly B

Kelly B
Kelly B

Swaggerette = Bold, beautiful, confident and curvy, a Swaggerette is a woman who truly embraces her curves.

Okay, I’m the first to admit I should have already known about this curvy diva, but I happily discovered her while writing about another – Nicolette Mason. The two are teaming up with three other curvy ladies to design a capsule collection for MYNT 1792. MYNTBloggerGroupA

Screen Shot 2013-10-21 at 10.47.18 PM

But what I really am impressed with is Kelly B’s blog “And I Get Dressed”, because my Curvy Swaggerettes, she DOES!  Kelly’s blog is a clean, chic and sophisticated fashion + beauty journal that features her style and everything from beauty reviews to gorgeous outfits and accessories. I thought I’d share a few images so you get my point. You’re going to want to follow this blog to keep up with all that’s fresh and fabulous in curvy style.

Have A Curvy Halloween – 5 Great Costumes Under $50

Believe it or not it’s not too late to pull it together and look hot, scary or down right freaky for Halloween. If you’re going to a house party, a big club or even a boulevard festival I’ve got you covered. is an online market with costumes that are creative and fun that won’t cost a fortune and you can get it in time to get your party on.

Here are five of my favorite picks, but there are pages and pages of options from 1X to 4X:

Robin Hood – $48.99

Red Vixen Pirate – $44.99

Eskimo – $48.99

Snow White – $38.99

Retro Flight Attendant – $48.99




The Curvy revolution keeps blazing forward! CurvySwagger contributor, Chef Jeff Parker sent this Yahoo Shine article to me and it made my day.

It’s “curvy,” not “plus size.” Got it? That was the top response among women size 14 and over, when asked about their preferred marketing term in a recent survey by retailer Sonsi. – Yahoo Shine


Curvy Girl’s Working It: MYNT1792 + Plus Size Blogger Collab

Image Via
Image Via – MYNT1792 + Curvy Girls Post

Reading I was very excited to see that one of my favorite curvy bloggers, Nicole Mason of Marie Claire is joining several other curvy bloggers including Franceta Johnson, Kellie B., Nadia Aboulhosn, and Allison of Curvy Girl Chic to design for the line MYNT 1762.

Click onto the link above to read all the details and how you can purchase a “Pretty for a big girl” tee.