Fitting Curvy – From The Runway Onto Your Curves

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Hopefully the fashion industry will support the curvy lady with the same gusto they do for the standard sized gal. In the meantime I am thrilled whenever I discover information like this this segment featured on Huffington Post Live. Industry fashionistas discuss the importance of shapewear, choosing classic silhouettes and taking risks with fashion trends. .


Our fashion contributor Timothy Snell always says, “wear your underpinnings”. When we wear an outfit that fits our body well we feel confident and sexy. Tight does NOT equal fit and yet it is so common to see so many women confuse the two.

Kimberly Caldwell, Marketing Director at Linda The Bra Lady

Get fit for a bra every 6-9 months, it can change your look completely and instantly. The #Squeem corset will give your body a smooth hourglass shape Don’t forget fit when you’re buying swimwear. #Linda The Bra Lady has swimwear with built-in support that will keep you confident by the pool and at the beach

Christina Anderson, Fashion Editor – HuffPost Style

Choose a classic silhouette like the wrap dress and don’t be afraid to us #double stick if you are concerned about spilling out of the dress. Take risks with trends that have otherwise have been “off-limits” to curvy bodies like animal print. Start of small with accessories and work your way up to a skirt or top.

Chastity Garner, Blogger –

Don’t be afraid to wear the trends that you love, like horizontal stripes, we’ve been taught not to do it as curvy ladies but wear what you love.

KamariaGboro, Blogger –

The plus-size shop at the mall is not generally going to be your friend, so go online and make sure you know your measurements. There are so many more resources and options for curvy style online.

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