Curvy Swaggerette – Mindy Kaling


Actress, producer + writer, star of the Mindy Project and The Office, she’s a confident, beautiful and talented swaggerette. Apparently her middle name, Mindy, was taken from the 70’s TV show “Mork & Mindy”. Her mother was pregnant with her in Nigeria and that was the only American show they got there.

*(When asked what it’s like to be one of two female writers on “The Office”) “Well, all the guys want to have sex with me all the time. Every day I come to work it’s nonstop sexual harassment. They had to have some people from General Electric come down and talk to us about it. There’s a lawsuit that’s about to happen. But other than that, it’s been great.”

**”My heart wants white jeans but my head says no. Kidney says go for it, spleen is ambivalent. Ovaries say no comment, rather rudely actually.”

*”As a kid it’s adorable to have a gap in your teeth. But then, because of the shifting in my mouth, I started whistling through it, and as a 32-year-old woman, whistling while you speak in sort of annoying.”


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