Curvy Swaggerette – Luna Sky

If you haven’t already noticed things keep changing and it’s the age of the woman.
It warms my heart to discover curvy divas online contributing to the Curvy revolution. Here’s a post by Luna Sky or be who you are curvy swaggerette!

Saturn's Existence

This week I kind of got a wakeup call; there is nothing wrong with me. I was doing my usual searching WordPress for interesting blog entries when I came across a post about black women. Excuse me, a POSITIVE post about black women; yes I had to make that clear. Anyway, I can’t remember the blog because it’s not the important part of this post; the important part was the link it provided, A whole Tumblr page dedicated to black women who are curvy, plus size, and full-figured. It’s very rear to have a site that focuses on the beauty that is a black woman. All women are beautiful, but I have to be a little bias here because I am a black woman and I know the struggle of a black woman as it pertains to beauty.

The thing that really made me smile is the fact…

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