Ask Timothy! – Curvy Silhouttes for Fall/Winter 2012

I sat down with the Master of Curvy, Timothy Snell to ask him how the silhouettes of the season work for the curvy girl.

Q. Leather. It’s so hot for the season, can a curvy girl pull off this edgy look?

Timothy: Don’t do this head to toe, make sure you choose a soft leather that can be draped, pleated or tucked.

Q. Brights. Is there any color that’s truly off-limits?

Timothy: Don’t be afraid of color it’s how you wear it! It can be an accessory, blouse, belt, shoe, bag but nothing head to toe. To me, brights are meant to be a “wink” of fashion.

Q. Peplum. I have a big belly and butt to match, can I get away with this?

Timothy: A peplum hides a multitude of issues. A peplum can create or enhance a waist, it can hide a tummy and done right it can camouflage your bottom.

Q. Faux Fur, is it a “don’t” for curvy bodies?

Timothy: Faux Fur should always be worn as an accessory only, a muff, trim on the bottom of coat or cuffs and even a vest but no more than that. If the faux fur is low pile however (ie. Shaved fur) can be worn all over.

Q. Prints, which ones are best and can they be mixed?

Timothy: Prints can be mixed for sure. Dark on the largest part of the body and lighter on the small part of the body. If you’re not comfortable with that, let the accessory, lining of your coat/jacket carry it off subtlety. Be mindful of how you wear this – sometimes less is more.

Q. Pocka Dots. Is this a trend curvy girls can wear?

Timothy: Absolutely, but worn subtlety, the dots should be appropriate to body size.

The smaller the dots for a curvier body part. For example small dots for a large bust.

 Q. Turtleneck. Is the turtleneck still a fashion staple?

Timothy: The turtleneck is timeless from Katherine Hepburn to the current trends of the season . It’s a basic for any wardrobe.

Q. Evening. Both party dresses and tuxedos are part of the new trend. Which would you suggest – Tux versus Dress?

Timothy: Why not both? Depending on where you’re going either of these looks can work with the curvy frame.

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